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PFC December 2016 Newsletter

A Local Resource & Referral Organization Specifically In Place To Help The Underserved and At-Risk Populations.

Be A Part of the Solution... Plan To Give Back This Year!

Prairie Family Center has teamed up with & GivingTuesday
to offer those in our area an opportunity that would like to keep their money local to

For more information on the demographics of who Prairie Family Center helps in our area, click on our logo for our 2016 Annual Report!


We would accept a full or partial beef donated to help us feed those less fortunate during the year. If you're interested in this, please call! (We will offer a tax deduction for this donation from our nonprofit 84-1355666)
Ask for Deena at 719-346-5398.


Your gifts are always appreciated!

Thank You!

Prairie Family Center, its staff and Board of Directors want to thank everyone who participated in making a donation through Colorado Gives on December 6th! We will continue to use this platform as a means to accept monetary donations online throughout the year and into next year. To do this, click on the Colorado Gives Day logo above.


Colorado Gives will allow you, as the giver, tell us how to use your money. You can ear mark it to be used for a favorite program or just allow us to use it as we see fit. You can choose to give once or set up a small monthly donation... it's entirely up to you! Give where you live! Keep your money local and help those who need it most.


The State of Colorado recognizes those who give and as a reward for giving, they offer a tax deduction to anyone who gives $600 or more in a calendar year. Typically, tax deductions are only offered to those who itemize their returns which, for most of us who file the EZ 1040 and do not itemize, these deductions are not offered. With this in mind, if you do not itemize your tax return, you are still eligible to receive a tax deduction which offsets your taxable income! In order to receive this deduction, simply set up a monthly $50 withdrawal on the Colorado Gives site by clicking on the Colorado Gives Day logo above. Prairie Family Center is deeply grateful for all that we receive be it clothing, furniture and of course money! 

When you choose to give to others, you choose to give to yourself!

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Newsletter Corner

Your gifts are always appreciated!

Some of our Programs

 Girl Talk

 Cool Dudes

 Nurturing Parenting Program

 Social Security Advocate & CDOT        Outreach

 Tai Chi For Falls Prevention

 Getting Ahead Program

 Exploring Foods & Food Friends-Mighty      Moves

 Cooking Matters

 CATCH-After School

 Healthier Living

A Few of Our Services...


Click on the button below and choose Prairie Family Center as your charity of choice.


Amazon will then contribute a percentage of each qualified item purchased and send it to us without charging you extra! 

We appreciate your help and know we couldn't do what we do without the support!

Ways To Give Back Through Prairie Family Center

Prairie Family Center's thrift store, TWICE AS NICE THRIFT, made a donation of their unsold summer clothing to the Costa Rica flood victims. We will continue to make donations of this type throughout the coming months.


Even Prairie Family Center gives to others in addition to the various cost-free programming we offer to our area residents.

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PFC Making A Global Difference!

To date, Prairie Family Center has received $14 in contributions from from a handful of people who have chosen PFC as their charity. If you desire to give back without directly being involved, simply choose us as your charity and you will help us help others!

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Resource and Referrals

Monthly On-Site Food Pantry
Senior Commodities

Food Bank of the Rockies Monthly Distribution
Medicaid, Social Security
Application Assistance Site
CDOT CarFit, CPS Carseats

And Many More... For more information, click the button under our logo!