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Kathy Lee


Director 12 YEARS

Deena Ziegler (Executive Director) has been employed with Prairie Family Center for the last 12 years and was promoted into her current position 5 years ago. She is a passionate leader who pays strict attention to our programs' fidelity, each family's needs and each one of her staff members - making sure they have time for their families as well. Deena is available to assist staff and participants in creating a strength-based approach to advocacy. Deena works closely with the Board of Directors to assure adequate cash flow and plans for financial sustainability.  (deena@prairiefamilycenter.com)

Lori has just started at Prairie Family Center, she is currently taking over our bookkeeping as our current bookeeper retires, Lori is thrilled to be working in such a rewarding place.

(Project Facilitator, Fundraising Director)  began her employment with Prairie Family Center in July of 2017 as a Project Facilitator for the Share Our Strength, No Kid Hungry pilot program in Burlington, CO. Her duties were to completely create and oversee the facilitation, and daily operating of that pilot program. She has since been promoted to Project Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator and Assistant Grant Manager. Ronda graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a BA in Elementary Education, and a minor in Early Childhood Education and holds an active certificate for Nail Technician through DORA and has been certified in Motivational Interviewing.  She was chosen to attend The Share Our Strength Summer Summit in Washington DC and sat on a discussion panel covering information on the pilot program she had created for No Kid Hungry. Through a past employer Ronda was able to participate in a Tai Chi program, and has since had the desire to continue this all-encompassing art. Ronda looks forward to continuing her education through Prairie Family Center. Ronda has stated that she desires to train to be a “Getting Ahead” facilitator. Ronda is the daughter of Marjorie Murphy, Grants Manager. (ronda@prairiefamilycenter.com)



has been the rock of our organization giving us over twelve years of employment and expertise. She has devoted these years to bringing school readiness to the many daycares in our county and has coordinated and implemented Day Camps during the summer. Kathy is the Early Childhood Education coordinator. To date, she implements Teaching Strategies Gold and Ages/Stages to these children.  Her expertise has allowed us to reach out to the public school preschool and provide CATCH, and Exploring Foods. Kathy is loved by all who come into contact with her. We love watching young to much older children run to give "Miss Kathy" a hug throughout the years. (kathylee@live.com)


(Grants Manager) joined Prairie Family Center three plus years ago as PFC bookkeeper. Marge began writing grants for PFC more than a year ago, she is passionate about keeping Prairie Family Center on track with grants, individual and business donations and fundraising earnings. Marge plays a significant role in our organization providing over 50 years of bookkeeping expertise and guides the organization with her wisdom. (marge@prairiefamilycenter.com)


Lupita Vela


Lupita is a graduate of Burlington Highschool,she is our newest addition! Lupita is bilingual and is super excited to be a helping hand to our hispanic community,she  is currently participating in our CATCH program and doing our data entry. 

Ashley Louthan



1 Year

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has worked with Prairie Family Center's thrift store (aka Twice As Nice Thrift Store) for eight years. She runs a tight ship and continually brings in donations by networking with community members as they hold their garage and yard sales. The store is always clean and with her finger on the pulse, Teresa knows what sells and typically gets top dollar for quality items. The bottom line shows it as well... the annual income for the thrift store has increased from $15,000 6 years ago to $88,000 this past fiscal year which ended on June 30, 2018.

is a wife and mother of 6 children. She began her employment with Prairie Family Center in August 2018. She previously volunteered with us at the mobile food bank and twice as nice thrift store. She is the Family Development Specialist and Coordinator of the Nurturing Parent Program. Her previous work and life experience is an asset for Prairie Family Center.


Susan Sandoval

NEW Employee!

1 Year
1 year

Aimee White

NEW Employee!

Susan is a wife and mother of two teens. Susan started at Prairie Family Center in August of 2019. She is the Assistant Grant Manager. Susan graduated with her Bachelor’s in Criminal/Social Justice and Behavioral Sciences from Ashford University in May of 2016, and is currently pursuing her Master of Science Degree in Criminal and Social Justice from Colorado Christian University. Susan also has experience in social work and in substance abuse prevention and suicide prevention.


Aimee White joined Prairie Family Center to help coordinate and facilitate the Nurturing Parent Program. She is a mother of 2 with another on the way, and is currently working on her Bachelor's in Christian Ministry.  

Kelly Mullis (Early Childhood Education) began her employment with Prairie Family Center in September 2019. She is a mother of one child. Kelly has previous experience in both the elderly setting and with children. Kelly’s experience from past work life is an asset to the organization. Kelly facilitates Nurturing Parenting program, CATCH program, Tai Chi, and works with children in daycare settings.


Kelly Mullis

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NEW  Employee!