Fundraising And How You Can Help

Prairie Family Center is a nonprofit organization that provides resources to the entire Kit Carson County and many times communities adjacent to our county such as Idalia (Yuma County) and Cheyenne Wells (Cheyenne County).

Our incredible programs and services would not be available were it not for the generosity of our community.

Prairie Family Center holds regular fundraising efforts throughout the year to help support our programs. These are fun events that the community participates in such as our Valentine's Bears & Balloons, the Outback Coffin Run in October and our Christmas Toys & Joys (the week before Christmas Day).

If you are interested in helping us in our effort to raise funds, please click on the ColoradoGives buttons provided here. With just a $50/month donation, set up through the Colorado Gives website, you can reap the rewards of a tax deduction... even IF you don't itemize your tax return! Speak to your bookkeeper or CPA regarding this rule. The State of Colorado allows a tax deduction with a minimum of $600 donated to a charity of your choice in a calendar year.

If you'd like to participate in any of our fundraising efforts, watch our website or subscribe to our newsletter! If you'd like to donate funds monthly or a in a lump sum towards a program that you like. We will provide you a tax deduction form for your accountant or bookkeeper.

Thank You to Our Funders!

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 PROMise Run

Raising awareness of the importance of a special dance with a special partner to attend and having that super special outfit that makes you feel like a prince or princess!


The Flatlander M.C. is another local charitable organization that teams up to raise funds that provide prom dresses, tuxes and accessories that adorn those kids who might not be able to go were it not for their efforts. A special Thank You to the Flatlander boys! 

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Prairie Family Center is Dedicated to Preserving and Developing Strong Families.